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Parent Drop-Off / Pick-Up Procedures

All students who are dropped off at school must be dropped off in the side lot and enter the side entrance. All students who are being picked up after school must exit the side entrance.


AM Drop-off / PM Pick-up Procedures

1. Parents/guardians may drop-off / pick up their student at the designated location as indicated on the map below. Please pull forward to the barricade (indicated by the sign on the map).

2. The main doors of the side lot will open at 7:15 AM for students to enter the building and students will be dismissed from school at 2:40 PM.

3. Upon being dropped off in the morning, students should immediately enter the side doors and proceed directly to homeroom. In the event that a student wishes to buy breakfast, they may pick up their “Grab-and-Go” breakfast before reporting to homeroom.

4. Any student arriving after 7:45 AM must enter through the front doors and sign in at the main office.

5. Parents/guardians may begin lining up along the designated curb at 2:30 PM for student pick-up.

6. Please pull forward to the barricade (indicated by the sign on the map) and park along the curb.

7. Please use caution when exiting the lot.