• ATTENTION VOLUNTEERS - As a volunteer for the District, we want to remind you of the required clearances.  All volunteers MUST have the PA State Police Criminal History Check and PA Child Abuse Clearance.  These clearances are FREE of charge.  Fingerprinting is only needed if you have not been a PA resident for the last 10 consecutive years. If this clearance is not needed, you will sign a disclosure form to that effect.  Clearances are valid for a period of 5 years from the date of issuance.  It is your responsibility to keep your clearances current to remain as an active volunteer for the ELCO School District. 
    Non-compliance with the law requires that we do not permit volunteers to work in our buildings.  In the event a volunteer does not submit any or all required documentation, the volunteer will be removed from the volunteer data base, beginning on the due date of the earliest clearances due.  PLEASE DO NOT DELAY IN GETTING YOUR CLEARANCES UPDATED!

     Letter to Volunteers

    A volunteer is defined as any individual who performs a service for the district without compensation or other consideration (except for volunteers enrolled in Senior Tax Work-Off Program) and who otherwise meets the requirements of this policy. A volunteer must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. Holding the position of a volunteer is not a right, but a privilege and may be revoked at any time for any reason. Persons who are guests in the building do not qualify as volunteers.

    The Superintendent shall be responsible for establishing procedures and guidelines concerning who is required to obtain clearances (i.e., frequent volunteers vs. occasional volunteers.) Required clearances include Act 34 Criminal History Report and Act 151 Child Abuse Clearance Statement.
    The volunteer shall pay the costs of the clearances.
    Additionally, all volunteers are bound by all applicable privacy laws and regulations and shall adhere to all rules, regulations and administrative guidelines governing the conduct of the district’s employees and visitors including the harassment and use of tobacco and alcohol policies.
    The duties of the volunteer are to be supportive and provide assistance, but may not assume the professional responsibilities of licensed school staff.