• Aevidum: I've Got Your Back

    Aevidum’s goal is to create a positive mental health environment, a culture of “I've Got Your Back” in schools and communities across the nation by forming Aevidum chapters and by empowering youth. The Aevidum message is delivered creatively through a series of student-generated materials, interactive displays, high-energy assemblies, community events, music, artwork, stories, and PSAs, etc.

    Aevidum, which started in 2004 after a student died by suicide, at Cocalico High School, has spread to schools across the country.  At the core of Aevidum is an educational philosophy that empowers students to take responsibility to make a difference.  Aevidum students are encouraged to use their gifts and talents to succeed and to recognize the gifts and talents of their peers.

    The ELCO club was started in the Spring of 2013 and currently the club of 27 seventh and eighth grade students meets during ACE.  Each month the club members will be promoting the Aevidum message and monthly themes. 

    National Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255.  Call to connect with a trained counselor 24/7.

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