Employment Opportunities

  • Career Clip Art


    The ELCO Counseling office is over-flowing with emplyment opportunities.  Please stop by the Counseling Office and explore the employment bulletin board to find a JOB THAT IS WAITING FOR YOU!  

Work Permits

  • Students can obtain a work permit through the Counseling Office. A student and/or parent may come into the office to pick up the work permit application.  Please bring along the original of one of the following documents: Birth Certificate, Passport, Baptismal Certificate or Affidavit from student's family doctor stating student's name, date of birth and age. (We cannot accept copies of these documents).  In order to obtain your work permit, student must sign in front of issuing officer.  Please note- parents are required to sign the application prior to the working permit being obtained.

    Students must retain their original blue work permit until they turn age 18 and should not for any reason turn it over to a place of employment, volunteering, or EMT. Employers will need to see your original permit but should not for any reason need to keep it. You may provide them with a copy or they may make one and return the original to your safekeeping. 
    Any further questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Jennifer Moyer in the High School Counseling Office at 717-866-7447, ext 20520.