College in the High School - General Information

  • The ELCO School District has established an agreement with HACC’s Lebanon Campus to offer “College in the High School” courses on the ELCO campus. Through this agreement, students may earn both high school and college credit upon successful completion of the course. Students must submit an application to HACC and register for the respective courses by the deadlines established each school year. Students may also be required to pass a placement test for certain courses. For ELCO High School purposes, each course will carry Level IV course weight. Students are responsible for the costs associated with “College in the High School” courses, which are offered to students at a substantially reduced rate. Financial assistance may be available through HACC. Current information regarding costs and other eligibility requirements is available through the Counseling Office. Courses for this program may change from year to year, so contact with the student’s school counselor is essential.

    This information is also available in the Course Selection Guide.

HACC Registration Steps