Jackson Elementary PBIS

  • Our school has always strived to create a safe and stimulating learning environment for all students.  In an effort to continue to improve our school climate, our staff has worked together to form a Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS) plan. The focus of this plan is to create a positive school climate that fosters being respectful, responsible, and ready to learn.

    The Positive Behavior Intervention & Support Committee created this program to promote the core values of RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, and READINESS TO LEARN for all students and the entire school community.

    To help remind students of our expectations, we display posters around the building and in classrooms, and modify our environment to make it easier for children to move safely and efficiently in the building.  All of the staff will be teaching students the positive behaviors they are expected to demonstrate at school.  We will acknowledge and reward students who consistently demonstrate these positive behaviors.

    All students are taught the expected behaviors through a Behavioral Expectations Matrix, which states the expectations we are looking for in the various areas of your child’s school setting. Ask your child to make sure he/she understands the expectations in the different environments around the school.  Please discuss the importance of these concepts and encourage your child to be Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn!

    PBIS Behavior Matrix

  • PBIS Lessons
    One of the main concepts of PBIS is that students must be taught expectations in order to be held fully responsible for their behavior. Each student receives a lesson in each area of the school that teaches the appropriate behavior in that area. Please refer to the PBIS matrix (link above) to see the specific expectations in each school setting.

    Bee Cards/Rewards
    When a student is seen meeting an expected behavior (being respectful, responsible, ready to learn), he or she is given a stamp on his or her “bee card.” Each bee buck is the equivalent of one stamp. Each card contains twenty circles to fill with a stamp. Once the student's card is filled, two exciting things happen!  1. The student receives a prize in their classroom.  Classroom prizes range from tangible objects, like small toys, to privileges like sitting in the teacher's chair.  2. Students bring their completed bee card to the office where it is entered into a drawing.  Every week, a bee card from each classroom is randomly selected. The students who are called weekly will be recognized by having their names announced to the school and having their picture taken and hung on a bulletin board in our main hallway!

    Parent Volunteers:  Our committee loves hearing feedback about the PBIS program from parents!  If you think you would like to sit on our PBIS committee to provide feedback or just to learn more about our school's PBIS program, please either contact me or complete the form below and return to me at school!