Classroom Lessons

Small Groups

Individual Counseling

  • Each month I get the opportunity to push into the Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade classrooms for 30 minutes to teach Character Development classes.  These lessons correlate to our monthly PBIS (Positive Behavior in Schools) theme.  The character lesson for the year are:

    September: Get to know your School Counselor

    October: Self Control

    November: Citizenship

    December: Compassion

    January: Tolerance

    February: Honesty

    March: Cooperation

    April: Perserverance

    May: Paitience

    You can find your grade level lesson on my Schoology page.  Please reach out to me if you would like the access code.  

  • Small groups are a wonderful opportunity for students with similar needs to come together and work on various topics.  The topics discussed in small groups could consist of anxiety, coping skills, calming down in high stress situations, listening in the classroom, social skills, friendships, and more.  

    Most groups will take place over the lunch period, but some could occur during other times of the day based on student needs and classroom schedules.

    Here is a list of potential groups that I will be running this year. Please note that the groups are scheduled based on the demand of each group. If not enough students are signed up, the group may not occur until the next school year.

    If you would like your child to participate in any of these groups, please contact me and we can further discuss your concerns and your child's needs!

     Group Topics:

    • Stress-Busters: For students who have heightened levels of anxiety about coming to school, new experiences, tests, the weather, etc.
    • Super Self: For students who would benefit from social skills practice or an increase in self-esteem.
    • Changing Families: For students who have had a recent change in guardianship (Parent separation/divorce, incarceration)
    • Grief: For students who have lost someone close to them and are having a hard time coping with it or would like to talk about it.
    • Coping Skills: For students who have a difficult time controlling their emotions when they become upset or frustrated.
    • Military Families: For students who have a parent or close family member in the military with frequent or extended deployments.

  • Throughout the year, students may meet with me one on one. I encourage students to see me if they have a problem that they are having trouble solving and we work on a solution together. Many students may also have backgrounds or current situations that require more attention. These students may meet with me one to four times a month to discuss any problems they might be facing. In these sessions, students might draw pictures, play games, write on my white board, or just talk.

    When I meet with students, I often spend time building relationships with them. However, I do have a background in solution-focused brief counseling. It is an approach that focuses on students’ strengths to empower them to set and reach a goal. I also use cognitive-behavioral approaches to help students understand how their thoughts and behaviors can help them overcome barriers to success. In my brief meetings with each student, I strive to help the student remain positive and focus on the “cans” instead of the “cannots.”

    *Please note that I do not provide long-term counseling or therapy. When I meet with students, it is brief and not generally intended to last all year. If you believe your child needs more intensive counseling, please visit Outside Resources and/or School-Based Therapy.