Activity Bus Information

  • The activity bus runs twice daily, unless we close early due to an emergency, including weather

    First run:
    4:15pm - High School Loading Dock
    4:20pm - Middle School Front Canopy
    4:25pm - Intermediate School (ONLY WHEN REQUESTED BY PRINCIPAL IN ADVANCE!)

    Second run:
    5:15pm - High School Loading Dock
    5:20pm - Middle School Front Canopy
    Bus stops are in the following order:

    *The bus drops off at the following locations AS NEEDED.  *Students are required to walk to their home from the drop off.
    Richland - Playground @ Park St. & Pine St.
    Newmanstown - @ Main St. & Parish Ave.
    Kleinfeltersville - Church (110 S. Millbach Rd)
    Schaefferstown - Schaefferstown Mennonite School (old elementary building)
    Myerstown - Myerstown Borough Building (old elementary school building) (101 S. Railroad St.)
    Jackson Twp - Jackson Meadows Playground (100 W. Jackson Ave.)
    Jackson Elementary - W. Main & Jackson Elementary Driveway
    The Gable's Development - at the corner of Gable & Gable

    *Arrival times will vary at each location based on the actual riders each day.  Please keep in mind, if the bus needs to make all the listed stops, it takes approximately 50 minutes to get to the last destination