Dual Enrollment - General Information

  • The ELCO School District has established dual enrollment agreements with several local colleges and universities. Through these dual enrollment agreements, juniors and seniors who meet the specified eligibility requirements may concurrently enroll in post-secondary courses and upon successful completion of the course(s), credit will be awarded by both the post-secondary institution and ELCO High School. Currently, ELCO has dual enrollment agreements established with HACC (Lebanon campus), Lebanon Valley College, and Penn State (Berks campus).

    Students who complete a dual enrollment course will have the course listed on their ELCO High School transcript under the heading of “Dual Enrollment.” For ELCO High School purposes, each course will carry Level IV course weight. The grades earned in dual enrollment courses will be factored in to a student’s weighted grade average and class ranking. Students are responsible for providing an official transcript to his/her school counselor at the conclusion of each semester.

    Additional information, including specific eligibility requirements established by each institution, is available through the High School Counseling Office. General guidelines that apply to the dual enrollment program include:

    • Students must meet all eligibility and admissions requirements as outlined by the respective post-secondary institution.
    • Students must be making satisfactory progress toward fulfilling graduation requirements as determined by the District.
    • Students may only take courses that are not offered as part of the current curriculum offerings at ELCO High School.
    • A student is not permitted to substitute a dual enrollment course for a required high school course unless approved by the building principal after consultation with the appropriate department chair. Credit earned through dual enrollment courses will count towards “elective” credit in terms of graduation requirements, unless otherwise approved by the building principal.
    • Students and parents are responsible for all tuition costs and other fees associated with a dual enrollment course.
    • Students and parents are responsible for transportation to and from the post-secondary institution. A signed transportation agreement will be required.
    • Courses taken through a dual enrollment program may not be remedial courses and must be at the 100-level and worth at least 3 college credits.
    • Courses completed outside of the regular school year (i.e., summer courses) will not be approved for dual enrollment credit.
    • The student is responsible for meeting the attendance and other requirements as outlined by the instructor and the post-secondary institution.
    • Dropping a dual enrollment course after the established drop/add periods may result in the student not meeting the District’s graduation requirements. The same drop/add policy followed in the High School applies to dual enrollment courses as well, in addition to the policies established at the post-secondary institution.
    • In order to transfer official college credit earned through dual enrollment, the student is responsible for contacting the post-secondary institution where he/she earned the dual enrollment credits and transferring those credits to his/her future post-secondary institution.

    This information is also available in the ELCO High School Course Selection Guide.