Parent Resources

  • The Myerstown Soccer Club is excited to announce the Top Soccer training program.  This program is designed for youth athletes with disabilities.  More information is available on the flyer below.

    MSC Top Soccer Program

    Websites and documents providing information in various topic areas such as Autism, Learning Disabilities and Early Intervention

    • Acronyms - A list of commonly utilized educational acronyms as developed by IU #13.
    • Glossary of Special Education Terms - a list of commonly used terms and acronyms in special education.
    • No Wrong Door Resource Guide - This guide was created to assist residents of Lebanon County in accessing resources that are available across the county.
    • Right to Education Taskforce - The Task Force functions as an independent organization of parents and other residents of Lancaster and Lebanon Counties who are interested in working with school districts, IU13, and community agencies, to further the rights of students with special needs.