Gifted Support Services

  • The Gifted Education Program is a state-mandated program, as directed by PA Chapter 16, for students who qualify for gifted services through a comprehensive evaluation process. Modifications, as needed, are made within the regular classrooms to challenge students in the areas of their academic strengths. In addition, enrichment activities are offered outside the regular classroom, encouraging critical and creative thinking and providing opportunities to expand student skills and areas of interest. Course and grade acceleration are provided as determined to be needed for individual students.

    Students may be referred for a gifted evaluation by parents/guardians, classroom teachers, or other school personnel, through the guidance office. A school counselor will complete a screening for referred students using a standardized assessment and review current classroom performance.

    Parents/Guardians of students scoring a qualifying screening score are provided a Permission to Evaluate and asked to complete parent input forms. After receiving the signed parent/guardian permission, a school psychologist will administer individual cognitive and achievement assessments to the student. Classroom teacher(s) and parents/guardians will provide feedback via a checklist (Scales for Identifying Gifted Students). All information will be collected within 60 days after the District receives the signed permission. A multidisciplinary team, including school representatives and the parents/guardians,  will meet to review and discuss the data collected. If the criteria for giftedness are met, a Gifted Individualized Education Program (GIEP) will be developed to meet that student’s individual needs.

    Referrals for gifted evaluations can be made at any time during the school year, but only one referral per child per calendar year is permitted. Any questions about the screening and identification process should be directed to Amy J Shoemaker,  Director of Pupil Services at 717-866-7117, ext 10821 or