The Eastern Lebanon County School District curriculum website provides public access to the curriculum maps for the District. District curriculum maps describe what students will experience during their enrollment in a course. The maps are broad guidelines of what will be covered in each course and what each student should know, understand, and be able to do at the end of each unit of study. Consistency in the curriculum provides all students with equal access to high academic standards and expectations.

    The work on ELCO curriculum maps is dynamic and ongoing. The curriculum evolves to keep pace with the changing and diverse needs of our students and events of the times. As you view the curriculum maps, it is important to know they are fluid documents that reflect these changes. These maps represent a point in time. They differ in levels of completeness, scope, and detail. Teachers will be routinely reviewing, refining, and rearranging the information on them to best serve our students. The ELCO Curriculum Cycle requires that all courses be reviewed every six years, at a minimum.


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