• The ELCO School District employs one home and school visitor who provides valuable resources and support for ELCO students and their families. Their primary role is to collaborate with families and school staff to identify support services to remove the physical, mental, and emotional barriers and obstacles that may prevent students from attending school regularly.

    Collaboration between school and the community aims to enhance social and emotional growth, and, ultimately, the academic outcomes of all students. This includes:

    • Facilitate in-house staff development regarding local social services
    • Monitor students' attendance and assist in creating truancy elimination plans
    • Ensure students are living within the jurisdiction of the district
    • Provide support and resources to displaced families
    • Serve on the Student Assistance Teams
    • Conduct safety assessments 

    Families can find information regarding valuable resources to the left of this page.  If your family is currently displaced or believe that you will be displaced in the near future, more information can be found on the Displaced Youth page. 

    Please do not hesitate to reach out if you and/or your child are in need of assistance.

    Mrs. Kelly Smith, M.Ed., HSV


    717-866-7447, Ext 10823