What is Student Reunification?

  • In the event a situation results in evacuation of one of our schools, we want our families to know we have procedures in place to respond to the situation. If an occurrence necessitates the evacuation of our students to another safe location, we have designated buildings in our community which will house students and allow us to implement a controlled release of students. As soon as it is safe to do so, the location of evacuated students will be shared via our communication channels and the reunification process will begin.

What types of emergency events would require the Student Reunification Process?

  • Events requiring this process could include a crisis at the school, fire, weather event, power outages, a major earthquakre, or hazardous materials event.

Why is the Student Reunification Process used?

  • During emergency events, this organized process protects the safety of the student and provides for an accountable change in custody from school to an individual who is permitted to pick up the student.