The ELCO School District would like to offer support throughout the extended school closure by suggesting resources that can be used with children to help keep them engaged in learning.  The links below will provide some additional information for parents, guardians, and caregivers. Resources will be updated throughout the closure.

    Here are a few tips for how to make the most of this time at home:

    • Keep consistent wake-up and bedtimes
    • Monitor and limit the amount of online activity and video games
    • Develop a daily or weekly chore list
    • Schedule time daily for reading to and with children
    • Provide opportunities to get outside while maintaining social distancing
    • Plan time for students to create, tinker, and experiment
    • Continue to practice musical instruments, sing, listen to music
    • Cook together and get students engaged in family meal planning
    • Skype, Facetime, or call friends and family to lessen the effects of isolation
    • Practice mindfulness activities, meditation, and breathing exercises
    • Keep physically active
    • Play favorite board games with family
    • Try something new!