Medication Administration at School

  • Parents/guardians have the primary responsibility for the health of their children. As a general rule and if at all possible, medication should be taken at home. In the event that medication needs to be administered during the school day, the parent/guardian must provide the following information:

    Students requiring daily prescription medications

    ELCO School Board Policy 210 outlines the regulations related to medication use at school. Written instructions/permission from a licensed prescriber and permission from the parent/guardian are required and should be documented on the ELCO Medication Form found by clicking the "Forms" imagine/link to the right. All medications must be in their original, labeled container. For their safety, students are prohibited from carrying any medication to school; a responsible adult must deliver all medication to the health office. Please carefully review both pages of the ELCO Medication Form outlining this process in more detail. The completed form must be provided before prescription medication is administered.  

    Administration of Non-Prescription Medications (Over the Counter)

    Several over-the-counter (OTC) medications have been approved/recommended by the school physician to be dispensed, as needed, by the nurse. These medications include Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and Ibuprofen (Advil). The medications will be administered under the circumstances outlined by the school physician and with parent permission, as provided annually on the OTC Medication Permission Form. Parents/guardians who would like to approve the administration of one or more of these OTC medications can do so by completing the "Annual OTC Medication Permission" form. The form can be quickly completed in PowerSchool or via hard copy (found to the right). If using the hard copy, it should be returned to your child's building nurse. 

    A complete description of all Standing Orders provided by the school physician can be found by clicking the "Forms" image/link to the right.

    Asthma Inhalers/epinephrine Auto-injectors

    ELCO School Board Policy 210.1 outlines students' possession/administration of asthma inhalers and epinephrine auto-injectors. Before possessing or using an asthma inhaler or epinephrine auto-injector in the school setting, students are required to ANNUALLY submit a written request, including a statement from the parent/guardian as well as a statement from a licensed provider. The information from the licensed provider must include the name of the drug, the prescribed dosage, when the medication is to be taken, the length of time the medication is prescribed, the reason for medication, potential side effects of the medication, emergency response, and whether the student is qualified and able to self-administer the mediation. If the student does not have approval to self-carry an asthma inhaler or epinephrine auto-injector, the prescribed medication will be properly stored, and the appropriate staff will be made aware of how to access the medication.

    Students are prohibited from sharing, giving, selling, and using an asthma inhaler or epinephrine auto-injector in any manner other than which it is prescribed.