Digital Leadership

  • Our school district is actively leading students to become global citizens through our K-12 Digital Leadership curriculum.  In both formal lessons and integrated daily across all content areas, students learn the skills necessary to succeed and make a difference in today’s world.

    K-12 Digital Leadership – Preparing Global Citizens Curriculum

    • Elementary Grades K-2
      • Common Sense Nearpod Lessons
    • Intermediate Grades 3-5
      • Digital Citizenship Library Lessons
      • Digital Citizenship Week School-wide Promotions
    • Middle School Grades 6-8
      • Digital Leadership School-wide Lessons
      • Digital Citizenship Media information Lessons – Grade 6
      • Digital Citizenship Computer Application Lessons – Grade 6-8
      • Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General Cyber Security Assembly – Grade 7
      • Digital Citizenship Week School-wide Promotions
    • High School Grades 9-12
      • Digital Leadership Freshman Seminar Lessons
      • School-wide Digital Citizenship Assembly
      • Digital Citizenship Week School-wide Promotions

    As we prepare our children to be part of the global society, education is key to become digital literate and a productive member of our global society.  With the barrage of news, the efforts of both schools and families are needed to develop the skills needed to discern real news.

    As a district, we stress the importance of integrating technology naturally into the flow of lessons.  With today's students, choosing a technology device has become not a choice at all, but a way of life.