• Responsible Use

    Students are required to adhere to District policies and procedures in regards to use of the school-issued iPad.  The following District policies address issues regarding technology use by students: Responsible Use Policy (815), Internet Safety Policy (816), and Mobile Device Policy (237).  The school-issued iPad is no different than any other resource provided to a student by the District. The District expects students to responsibly use the iPad for purposes that support student learning.  Any activity that violates the policies listed above will result in disciplinary action and/or consequences..


    Using the iPad Outside the District

    When using the iPad outside the District, students are bound by the same policies, procedures, and guidelines as they would be at school.


    Care of the iPad

    The iPad assigned to a student remains the property of the District; therefore, students are expected to care for the device in a proper and respectful manner.  The District may charge for loss or damage to the device and/or any accessories (see below).

    Students are responsible for reporting any damage or loss to a teacher or the designated technical support person immediately. If the iPad requires repair, students must take it to the designated technical support person in the school.


    General Use and Care Guidelines

    • Only use a clean, soft dry cloth to clean the iPad’s screen; no cleansers of any type should be used.
    • Insert and remove cords and cables carefully to prevent damage to connectors.
    • Do not write, draw,  or apply any stickers or labels to the iPad that are not the property of the District.
    • Handle the iPad carefully.  Screens can crack not only when dropped but also when twisted or subjected to pressure from stepping or leaning on them.  Screens can also crack if exposed to too much pressure within a student backpack.
    • Do not leave the iPad in places of extreme temperature (hot or cold), humidity, or limited ventilation (e.g., in a car) for an extended period of time.
    • Make sure the iPad is secure when it is out of sight.  Do not leave it in an unlocked locker, in a desk, or any other location where someone might take it.
    • All iPads come in a protective case.  Students are required to keep the iPad in the provided case at all times.

    The iPad will have a District-provided “asset tag” with a 4- to 6-digit number.  This number may also be marked on the case provided to students.  Learning this number is one way for students to identify their device.


    Responsibility for Damage or Loss

    The manufacturer’s warranty covers certain types of repairs within the first year, including the iPad, the battery and the included USB cable and power adapter. It does not, however, cover most kinds of physical damage.

    Students are responsible for taking care of the device assigned to them. Board of Education Policy 224 (Care of School Property) states: Students who willfully cause damage to school property shall be subject to disciplinary measures. Students and others who damage or deface school property may be prosecuted and punished under law. Parents/Guardians of students shall be held accountable for student actions and must make restitution for damages incurred.

    Students will be responsible for the full replacement cost of the District-provided iPad and accessories that are intentionally damaged, lost, or stolen (such as cases, chargers, and cables).



    The District will be offering an insurance option for parents.  Those options include:

    • $20 annual fee— covers cost of repairs for one incident of accidental damage.  Additional incidents of damage will require a maximum $80 deductible, per incident, for cost of repairs.
      • Insurance annual fee will not exceed $50 per family.
    • $0 annual fee— all incidents of accidental damage will require a maximum $80 deductible, per incident, for cost of repairs.

    Financial assistance is available for those families that participate in the Free and Reduced School Lunch Program.

    Insurance does not cover damage to the charging brick or charging cable.

    Students will be responsible for any intentional damage to the iPad.  Students will also be responsible for the replacement cost for an iPad or accessories that are lost.  iPads or accessories that are reported stolen will require a police incident report.


    Jailbreaking (iPad) or Disrupting the Configuration of the Device

    Jailbreaking is the act of replacing the manufacturer’s operating system with custom software, allowing the user to circumvent the manufacturer’s security and licensing restrictions. The act of jailbreaking an iPad voids the manufacturer’s warranty and is a violation of this agreement. Removal of any District-installed configuration is prohibited.  The student will be responsible for the expense to the District of repairing an iPad compromised by Jailbreaking.


    Loaner Devices

    The District maintains a limited number of loaner devices that will be available to students whose iPads are in need of repair.  However, the District cannot guarantee that an iPad will be available at the time a student may need one.


    Charging the iPad

    Students are expected to come to school with their iPad fully charged.  This responsibility is no different than being prepared for class in a traditional setting with a pencil, notebook, textbook, etc.  Coming to class unprepared will be viewed similarly to traditional classrooms and may have consequences imposed.


    Technical Support

    Each building will have individuals designated as technical support personnel.  If a student’s iPad is damaged or in need of repair, students will take it to their building’s designated support personnel for assessment.

    The District cannot guarantee that the device will function outside of the District at the same level as inside the District.  Configuration of any home network connection is the student and family’s responsibility and not that of the District Technology Support staff. Any configuration applied to the device that impairs its performance in school may be removed by District staff.


    Parent/Guardian Responsibility for Supervision

    The District does provide off-site filtering of inappropriate material and has the ability to access reports of a student’s Internet activity outside of school. For any device assigned to a student, the parent/guardian agrees to be responsible for supervising the use of the device, including Internet access, when not at school.  Similarly, it is a parent’s prerogative to limit such use.  Any parent/guardian who does not permit his/her child to bring the iPad home from school must contact the child’s school to make arrangements for the iPad to remain  at school at the end of the school day.  Doing so will not excuse the students from completing assignments.


    Managing Files and Saving Work

    Work completed on an iPad can be saved to the iPad, uploaded to the District’s Learning Management System (Schoology) or saved to a student’s Google Drive.  In any case, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure work is not lost due to a failure or loss of the device.



    The District will provide accessories deemed necessary for use of the device.  The decision whether to purchase additional accessories (such as an extra charger, keyboard, stylus, etc.) for the device rests with the individual (or his/her parent/guardian).  However, as with any personal property brought to school, the school reserves the right to disallow the use of any accessory with the device and is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal property. In addition, the District cannot guarantee that an accessory purchased at one point in time will be compatible with devices provided in the future.



    Students may personalize their iPad by setting the wallpaper or background. However, marking or drawing on the device or attaching labels or stickers of any kind is prohibited.


    Personal Use

    While the District encourages individual exploration, including using the iPad for appropriate personal purposes, the iPad remains the property of the District and is subject to inspection at any time for any reason.  In addition, personal content may be deleted in the course of routine maintenance and/or troubleshooting. It is the individual’s responsibility to regularly back up all personal content stored on a District-owned device.

    Students will not have access to download apps or music.



    There is no expectation of privacy for any communication made using the device or for any content stored on the device. The District reserves the right to inspect the device and its contents at any time and for any reason. Any content including, but not limited to audio, video, photographs, and music could be subject to discovery in the event of legal action or otherwise subject to access by third parties pursuant to law. 


    Returning the Device

    Students will be required to return the iPad during designated time periods each school year.  The iPad must also be returned prior to a student’s withdrawal from the District.  Unless students are instructed otherwise, students should assume that the iPad must be returned no later than the last day of the current school year.  If a student withdraws from the District, he/she must return the device prior to his/her last day of attendance.

    All accessories provided to students, including but not limited to, cables, power adapter, and case, must be returned with the iPad, unless otherwise instructed.

    The iPad and accessories must be returned in operable condition, with all parts intact.  As outlined above in the section “Responsibility for Damage or Loss,” the parent/guardian may be responsible for the full replacement cost of District-provided accessories.


    Failure to Return the Device

    If a student fails to return the device and any assigned accessories as directed, the District may, in addition to seeking reimbursement from the parent/guardian, file a theft report with the appropriate law enforcement agency.


    Device Data as Records

    Data saved to the device is not maintained by the District as public records or as student records.  In the event such data needs to be maintained by the District for any reason, the District will take affirmative steps to preserve it.


    Digital Citizenship

    Students will be required to complete a digital citizenship course at the time the obtain the iPad for the first time. The digital citizenship course will guide students in thinking critically, acting responsibly, and appropriately using technology.