Individual Counseling

  • Sunflowers Throughout the year, students may meet with me one on one. I encourage students to see me if they have a problem that they are having trouble solving and we work on a solution together. Many students may also have backgrounds or current situations that require more attention. These students may meet with me one to four times a month to discuss any problems they might be facing. In these sessions, students might draw pictures, play games, write on my white board, or just talk.

    Most of the times I meet with students, I am not counseling them. We are typically building relationships and working together to solve conflicts. However, my background is in solution-focused brief counseling. It is an approach that focuses on students’ strengths to empower them to set and reach a goal. I also use cognitive-behavioral approaches to help students understand how their thoughts and behaviors can help them overcome barriers to success. In my brief meetings with each student, I strive to help the student remain positive and focus on the “cans” instead of the “cannots.”

    *Please note that I do not provide long-term counseling or therapy. When I meet with students, it is brief and not generally intended to last all year. If you believe your child needs more intensive counseling, please visit Outside Resources and/or School-Based Therapy.