Second Grade

  • Please visit the second grade lesson page at the beginning of each month for detailed information about the current lesson as well as any worksheets or materials available to the students.

    Lesson of the Month: 

    Problem Sizes: Students review what makes problems small (can fix yourself), medium (can fix calmly with someone else), or large (an emergency, need help right away). Afterwards, students create their own problems for their peers to place into the correct category and offer a solution.

    Lesson Schedule:

    August: Job Program Information

    September: Zones of Regulation

    October: Growth Mindset

    November: Test taking stratagies/Peer Pressure

    December: Conflict Resolution/ Problem Sizes

    January: Conflict Resolution/Test Taking Strategies

    February: Inclusion/Accepting Differences

    March: Problem Sizes

    April: Teamwork

    May: Responsibility